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Fighting Acne

Teenagers frequently have to deal with acne and blemishes, often caused by the beginning of the menstrual cycle in females and the onset of adolesence in males. Of course, there are other possible causes, including extreme stress, emotional problems, contraceptive use, drugs, hormonal changes, allergies and even wearing tight clothing.

Even something as ordinary as frequently talking on the phone can cause an outbreak of acne around the area where the phone contacts the face.

Acne and blemishes can affect anyone at any age even if the person managed to make it through their teen years unscathed. It's definitely a condition that can negatively affect one's self-esteem and while there is no magic bullet cure there are several treatments that can be successful.

The first thing to consider is a visit to the dermatologist. Also, you have the right idea in what you are doing now, as the Internet can be very useful in providing you with some ideas on how to proceed in the fight against acne.

Prescription Acne Medication

Unfortunately, acne is not always caused by the same things in every case. It can be caused by a variety of different reasons.

If over the counter remedies are not helping, a visit to the doctor to get a prescription is your next step.

The doctor may advise hormonal pills, Retin-A, daily oral medications, creams or even antibiotics. They may prescribe something specific to your skin type, sex or age. A personalized acne prescription is much more likely to work due to the fact that the doctor can pinpoint the type of acne and what causes it in each individual's case and prescribe a drug specific to that problem.

Try a search online for acne prescriptions to get an idea of what is available. Remember, though, that a trip to your physician is recommended before deciding what route to take.

Acne Mythology

Let's see if we can dispel a few acne myths.

What you eat doesn't cause acne. Eating chocolate and greasy food doesn't necessarily give you pimples. However, if all you eat is junk, your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, and that could be causing your problem. Eating a balanced healthy diet should cause no problems. If you observe that an acne outbreak normally follows the ingestion of a particular food, it's possible that you have an allergy and would therefore want to avoid this food as much as possible.

Another common myth is that acne breakouts are caused by lack of cleanliness. Of course, one should wash their face every day, but overdoing it can actually aggravate acne. It is true that some health and beauty products could initiate a breakout. Therefore, if you notice that a certain soap or make-up causes acne to worsen, of course you would want to rectify that. There are a lot of hypoallergenic products you can try.

Lastly, there is the myth that everyday stress causes pimples. Common stress is really not a major factor in acne. Conversely however, some anti-stress prescriptions do list acne as a possible side effect. Consult your dermatologist if you think one of these products could be causing acne breakouts.

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