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Massage Therapy Benefits

A wide range of health problems can benefit from massage therapy, from helping minimize daily stress and tension to assisting in the lowering of blood pressure. Also, massage therapy benefits include relief from feelings of pressure allowing you to get a better night's sleep and giving you an overall feeling of health, and therefore making it less likely that you'll get sick.

Anyone living the typical modern hectic lifestyle could surely benefit from massage therapy. Many of us have become so busy that we think we simply don't have the time to unwind or relax. There isn't a lot of down time in today's society, what with juggling family, jobs, and myriad other activities.

People who are desperate for relaxation and relief from tension can derive benefits from massage that go beyond just relieving a few aches and pains. Massage therapy can also strengthen the immune system, as it has been proven that recordable systemic changes, such as the raising of serotonin levels and the lowering of the number of harmful t-cells, occur in those people who get massages regularly.

Another one of massage therapy's benefits is lowering one's blood pressure. Numerous studies show that massage therapy contributes to the lowering of blood pressure over time. Persons with hypertension should discuss the advantages of massage treatment with their doctors and check if it can be added to their existing anti-hypertensive regimen.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of massage therapy is improved circulation. If you tend to suffer from cold hands or cold feet, feel tired all the time, or feel that you have more than the usual aches and pains, it could be caused by poor circulation. The pressure involved in a massage can help oxygen-rich blood to flow to these areas, resulting in improved circulation.

Massage also helps to remove lactic acid which can build up in the muscles. This is particularly helpful after exercising to relieve sore muscles. Additionally, massage helps the lymphatic system which is responsible for flushing toxins from the body.

Stress, depression and anxiety are not only conditions that affect sufferers' mental state, but they also increase blood pressure and impair overall physical health. Studies show that some of the primary massage therapy benefits are decreases in both stress and blood pressure levels, thus giving the body a chance to recover and gradually attain better health. Which is surely something worth taking some time out for!

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