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Why Treadmills

Why Treadmills?

If you're a regular visitor to this site, you're probably aware that the benefits which can be derived from consistent exercise workouts are quite numerous, including weight loss or maintenance, cardiovascular health, and the prevention of many diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise also exerts a beneficial effect on markers such as cholesterol, insulin levels, and blood pressure.

However, the problem for many of us in this fast-paced society is how to fit these beneficial workouts into our busy schedule. Even with the knowledge that walking or jogging regularly is a great way to maintain health by performing a moderate to intense aerobic workout, many people just have difficulty finding the time to fit these sessions into their lifestyle.

In addition to the time factor, there are other conditions that will prevent many individuals from getting into the regular walking habit, such as darkness, extreme heat or cold, wind, rain, snow or sleet. Additionally, some people live in areas where it is unsafe to walk or jog, either because of fear of crime or heavy vehicular traffic.

Boredom can also be a factor for some people. While there are many walkers that love to get outside and interact with other people and the terrain, others quickly get bored when traversing the same route repeatedly.

A treadmill can solve all these problems by removing the weather and other outside influences from the equation, leaving you free to concentrate on your workout, or to go in the opposite direction by turning on the tv or stereo. It's just a matter of what gets it done for you. Some people like to disassociate, some like to be in the moment. Some more sophisticated treadmills can be set to run a workout program, changing speeds and inclines, which also serves to combat boredom for many people.

Treadmills will also help keep you honest. When strolling outside, it's easy to stop and talk, or pet the neighbor's dog, or find other interruptions that can cause your workout to be too easy. When you set the treadmill at a certain pace, that's the pace you'll walk at unless you deliberately decide to change it.

So while it's certainly true that it's not necessary to buy a treadmill if you want to walk or jog, they can be a boon to the fitness programs of many health-oriented people.

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