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Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work

Is hypnosis a viable option for weight loss? Well, if you've already tried numerous other programs to no avail, hypnosis for weight loss may be able to help you change the way you think about and deal with food, making it well worth your time.

There are a lot of people who feel that hypnosis can be one of the best ways to help oneself lose weight. However, there are also many who feel that dieting isn't compatible with hypnosis. As with most health and fitness options, you'll need to make a decision as to whether or not hypnosis is right for your particular situation. However, if you tend to envy your thinner friends, hypnosis could be worth investigating as a weight loss strategy.

People who've struggled with diets in the past make up a large portion of those using a hypnotherapist to help with weight loss. While hypnotized, your mind will become relaxed, and during that time the hypnotherapist will say things to you that are intended to cause you to crave fewer of the types of foods you want to avoid.

You can even try self-hypnosis in the privacy of your own home. Self-hypnosis kits are available that will help you achieve a trance and make the proper suggestions. So far there are no studies that show self-hypnosis is any more or less effective than hypnosis done by a professional.

The effectiveness of hypnosis is in its ability to trick your mind into eating less and exercising more. One of the suggestions that a hypnotherapist will make to your subconscious is to to desire more fresh fruits and vegetables, another is to lose your appetite for fatty and fried foods.

However, some recent studies have cast a little doubt on the efficacy of hypnosis for weight loss, finding that it could have an adverse effect on some people's eating habits. Furthermore, if done improperly, it can actually have negative effects on a person's perception of food.

Since the whole premise of hypnosis for weight loss is to attain healthier eating habits for life, it will be a worthwhile venture if it can help you change your thought processes regarding food. Using hypnosis in this manner is often mistakenly thought to be a weight loss method in and off itself, but really, it is more appropriate to think of it as something that can increase the effectiveness of other weight loss methods.

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