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With all the varying opinions available today, it can be difficult to choose a weight loss exercise program. First of all, If you have any health issues, you'll want to consult your physician to assist you in making this choice. Remember that exercise programs are always more effective when paired with healthy eating choices.

Before beginning your new exercise program, it is a good idea to set a weight goal for yourself at six months to a year from now. Be realistic in setting this goal to prevent frustration, and then plan out how much exercise you will have to perform every day or week in order to reach this goal. To keep yourself on track as you progress toward your long-term goal, break that up into weekly goals and strive to meet these along the way as well.

There are a number of ways to formulate the best weight loss exercise program for yourself. You could get a personal trainer to put together a plan for you, or you could do some research online to construct your own regimen. Books, charts, and computer programs are also available that will provide you with sample workout programs or the knowledge to design your own. Depending on your situation and temperment, any one of these tools can be an effective way to design and evaluate a program for yourself.

In order to maximize your results, try and burn the most calories possible in your daily life, outside your actual exercise program. Park the car at the end of the parking lot and walk across it to the grocery store, or, if you have time, walk or ride your bike to the store. Additonally, you want to do your formal cardio exercises 2-5 times a week for 20-50 minutes each session. Your cardio can be in the form of steady-state exercise, or broken up into periods of hard work and easy recovery (called intervals).

An exercise program for weight loss can greatly benefit from the addition of strength training. As you probably know, strength training builds muscle. The muscle on your body requires more calories to maitain itself that fat does. Therefore, losing fat through diet and cardio and replacing it with muscle will mean your body will use more calories, even at rest. You don't have to join a gym or buy a lot of expensive equipment to pursue strength training. Push-ups are good examples of strength training exercises. You can also do chin-ups, deep-knee bends (squats) and dips between two sturdy chairs, just to name a few.

Some experts think that you need to keep changing your workout to keep your body "guessing" and keep getting results. Others think that is bunk and say you can just do the same exercises as long as you want. Realistically, you will probably want to have some alternate cardio and strength training movements that you can throw in once in a while, not so much to keep your body guessing as to keep yourself from becoming bored with the workouts.

In order to get the best results with your weight loss exercise program, you should keep journals or logs that track your food consumption, how much exercise you get, and how you feel. As you gradually increase the amount of exercise you do, you will also increase your strength and endurance in addition to improving your appearance.

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