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Things You Should Know About Weight Loss Supplements

Is it possible to lose weight by using weight loss supplements? If so, will they have any sort of negative impact on your health? During the last few years, a number of products advertised as healthy weight loss supplements have appeared on the market.

Green tea is arguably the most widely used supplement for weight loss. In addition to its weight loss effects, research indicates that it has many other favorable effects. It contains substances called catechins which can control appetite and boost metabolism. Green tea can be consumed in its traditional liquid form, in which case it's really a "food", not a "supplement", or it can be purchased in the form of pills or patches. No matter how you take it, studies have indicated that it can add to the weight loss effects of diet and exercise. With few side effects and an overwhelming list of benefits to weight loss and health, about the only bad thing that can be said about green tea is that some brands have been found to contain fluoride, which, when combined with the floride that's added to many municipal water supplies in the US, could be a cause for concern.

Bitter orange is another popular weight loss supplement. It became popular after the drug ephedra was taken off the market. Bitter orange is labeled "ephedra-free," but has been known to produce the same negative effects as ephedra, probably due to the fact that it contains synephrine and octopamine, which are similar to the ephedrine in ephedra. Products containing bitter orange are usually advertised as being an appetite suppressant. Long-term effects of the supplement are unknown.

Another weight loss aid that's received a lot of publicity over the past few years is Hoodia. Although it claims to aid in decreasing your appetite, there's no proof that is actually assists in weight loss. Additionally, no studies have been done to determine whether or not its use may cause negative long term side effects.

Another supplement that is in demand is guar gum. This works by making you feel fuller so as to discourage overeating, which should result in a lowered caloric intake over time. Although it is a relatively benign product, it has not yet been proven to be effective in weight loss, and its use can result in severe diarrhea and the passing of a great deal of gas along with other gastrointestinal disturbances.

A supplement that claims to burn calories and simultaneously control your hunger is heartleaf. However, ephedra is a key ingredient in heartleaf, and just about anyone who's been following the popular press lately knows that ephedra's been implicated as a contributor to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and even death. It is definitely not safe or smart to use heartleaf.

Weight loss supplements often produce inconclusive, inconsistent, or even dangerous results. Just because products say that they are healthy and can be purchased in the store without a prescription, do not assume they are harmless. Diet and exercise will get the great majority of people to their healthy weight goals without any addition of supplements. And eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise have numerous benefits besides weight loss.

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